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Should I bring pictures of my gown to the preview?

Yes! Seeing the style, color, neckline, and beading helps us create your entire presentation.

I have picked out and purchased a headpiece/veil and it's not ready, should I come to my preview appointment anyway?

If your wedding is less than four weeks away, borrow one from the source where you purchased your veil. If this isn't possible, let us know and we can provide a makeshift veil.

Are there any considerations in the hairstyle if the tulle on my headpiece is detachable?

Absolutely, we'll build a style that accommodates removal of the tulle before/after pictures or during/after the reception for your comfort and convenience.

I have some hairstyles in mind, will you be able to accommodate my request?

Should you decide you want your hair up, down, or half-up and half-down, we'll go to great measures to change your dreams into reality. Feel welcome to bring any and all communication tools (i.e. photos, magazine clips etc.), to help us better relate to the look of your dreams.

Can I successfully wear fresh flowers in my hair?

Indeed you can! We'll work with our florist, or be happy to work with yours, to make it all happen just the way you want.

Do I need to provide my own beads, decorative hairpins or ornaments for myself or party members?

Not necessarily, we have access to custom hairpiece and headpiece makers. You may like the headpieces at

I am considering a hairpiece possibly for length or thickness how will I know if I really need to use one?

Bring your hairpiece to your preview consultation. It is also the ideal time to address any changes in regard to the hairpiece's texture, color or thickness.

Ask us about our Hair Extensions...

How long before my ceremony do I need to book an appointment?

Your preview appointment should be scheduled 3-4 months in advance of your wedding. This gives your hair time to grow, be colored, extended, etc. and gives your skin time to heal, or tan etc. in time for the ceremony.

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